aerial drone photography & video

At Steven Neiman Photography, we’re thrilled to introduce our Bird’s Eye View drone aerial video and photography service.

For more than 20 years Steven has been on the leading edge of technical innovation in photography. The advent of aerial UAS systems (drones) opens up incredible possibilities.

From commercial, industrial & office buildings, residential real estate, construction & maintenance inspections, land surveying, insurance claims, golf fields, to weddings & special events, we’ve got all your above ground video & photography needs covered.

Plus, we’re one of the few professional photography studios fully compliant with Transport Canada’s mandatory requirements ($5M liability insurance and a SFOC -Special Flight Operating Certificate) so you can be assured our projects are managed with the industry’s highest legal and safety standards.

To learn more about our new Bird’s Eye View drone aerial video and photography service and to take advantage of a limited time introductory rate, please contact us. at

Commercial, industrial & office buildings

Building management companies can use aerial photographs and videos for marketing purposes, showing their properties from a completely different perspective. Aerial shots help prospect tenants and buyers to appreciate the site in its full dimension and from different angles.
Building managers can use photographs and videos for maintenance inspections of hard to reach places like roofs and assessing landscaping projects.

Residential real estate

Listing agents can use beautiful video tours and still aerial photographs. Photographs and video footage of particularly large properties also makes it easier to capture areas that may be somewhat difficult to reach on foot during a showing.

Construction & maintenance inspections

Aerial photographs and videos are invaluable for exterior property inspections saving inspectors time, energy, and liability.

Land surveying

Aerial site surveying is more accurate and takes less time. Drones can be programmed to fly over hundreds of acres, take photographs and videos, helping to map changes and detect the presence of different resources.

Insurance claims

Aerial photographs and videos can document property damage speeding up the claim process and complementing the insurance inspector own visuals.


Drones can be used to gather fantastic photographs and videos of the golf course for marketing purposes. Games can be captured in ways that were previously not possible.
Aerial videos can provide great value to golf coaches and pros as they work to improve the golf game of their protégés.

Weddings & special events

The most epic events of your life deserve epic documentation, aerial photographs and videos are the answer. Drones can be used to get aerial shots that were once unobtainable for the vast majority of couples. Drones also enable you to get beautiful footage of the bride walking down the aisle. Your big day just got more cinematic.
Aerial photography and video of major events such as concerts and sporting events are about to get much better with drones, as well.